Asuka Masamune




High School Sophomore
Captain of the Kendo Team
Heir of the Masamune Group
"Ideal Girl" Otomen


Silver hair
Blue eyes


Ryo Miyakozuka
Juta Tachibana
Yamato Ariake
Kitora Kurokawa
Hajime Tonomine


Kiyomi Masamune (mother)
Hiromi Yoshino (father)
Kasuga Masamune (cousin)
Miyuki Yoshino (aunt)


Hajime Tonomine
Kasuga Masamune


Cooking sweet confections


Scary things (haunted houses, ghosts, etc.)


Chapter 1

Love interest

Ryo Miyakozuka (girlfriend)

Asuka Masamune (正宗飛鳥) is the main protagonist of Otomen. TBA


Asuka is a guy who likes girly things, he hides his true self from everyone until he met a girl named Ryo Miyakozuka, he finds himself drawn to Ryo but she likes the manliest of men. Asuka's father is an otomen and left when Asuka was younger.

'Ideal Girl' OtomenEdit

Unlike most characters, which they a specialized in one thing, Asuka is an otomen that has multi-talents, which technically, aren't in expert level. The thing about the type of Otomen Asuka holds is that all of his favorite things and activities makes up what is called, 'the ideal girl'. His good cooking, making, sewing skills, his move for cute things and shoujo manga, and his gentle personality sums up the image of what an ideal girl has. Some of the characters that appeared in the series constantly commented that they view Asuka as 'mom', 'princess', 'maiden', etc., that shows that Asuka became the opposite of what his mother wanted him to become.

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